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Looking for a heating and cooling company in Duluth or an affordable air conditioning service in Lawrenceville? Look no further than R&S McKay for all your heating and air conditioning needs. We provide repair and installation for heating and air conditioning systems for all the greater Atlanta area, including Lawrenceville and Duluth.

R&S McKay has been in business since 2000. During the years our business has experienced a lot of growth, mainly because of our loyal customer base. Not only are our own customers loyal, they also recommend us to their family and friends. Why?

Our customers are loyal and recommend us because we give them the service that we would like to receive. We treat all of our customers with courtesy and consideration. We show up when we say we will and we show up on time. Along with our reliability comes competitive pricing. We want to give our customer family the best possible price for the best work we do. Because of this, we’ve been labeled the best air conditioning contractor in the Atlanta area. Cooling contractors are a dime a dozen because of the heat of our warm season, but R&S McKay stands above the crowd because of our outstanding professional skills and excellent customer service.

We’re always trying to save our loyal customers money so we offer a very good deal on our yearly maintenance visits. Consistent and regular maintenance ensures that your unit will operate at maximum efficiency. Regular maintenance and cleaning extends the life of the unit as well as preventing unexpected breakdowns. HVAC maintenance is highly recommended to extend the life the sturdy HVAC systems.

Air conditioner replacement is expensive, so why incur that cost? Residential and commercial air conditioning service and maintenance is just as important as taking care of your heating system. That’s why we recommend a yearly maintenance check and cleaning for our customers with air conditioning systems. Scheduling a maintenance session for your system is a lot like going in for an annual checkup. In addition to being preventative action for your system, doing just this one thing can give you peace of mind in regard to your air conditioner or heating system for the whole year.

That’s why we price yearly check-ups at a cost that almost everyone can afford. It’s that important to us that you take the best possible care of your HVAC components. We want you to experience years of trouble-free use of both your air conditioning and your heating system.

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